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Getting The Flags Out

February 28, 2014

My blog just reached 4,000 views. Now I’m pretty pleased with that, so as indicated above, I’m getting some flags out. I’ve been having some fun designing them. You see the thing is, when Scotland votes for independence in September, the Union will be dissolved and the United Kingdom will cease to exist, leaving behind the two entities which formed it in the first place, the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. And presumably when the UK ceases to exist, this flag will cease to exist with it:


In Scotland of course we happen to have the oldest continually-used sovereign flag in the world, the Saltire, so we will be making our own arrangements:


But I’ve been a bit worried on behalf of my Australian friends. After all, it has always been a bit of an anomaly having another country’s flag in the corner of your own. I know many people who already have a problem with that. But can you really have the flag of another country in the corner of your own when said country no longer exists and nor does its former flag? Wouldn’t that just be getting a bit too silly? So I’ve taken the liberty of setting out a few options for Australia in the post UK age.

1.You might be flying this in 2016, but only if Northern Ireland chooses to remain in a union with England, rather than with Scotland or neither, of course:


2. And if Northern Ireland leaves too? Maintain your ties to mother England? Remember your convict roots and don’t get above yourselves now!


3. Now call me crazy, but I’m guessing these two options won’t be very popular, but if you take no action, one of them could be what you end up with. On the other hand, as the two Kingdoms of Scotland and England formed the Union as equals, it is at least as reasonable to consider this, which we Scots would be only too happy to see fluttering from the Parliament House flagstaff:


4. Then again, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and acknowledge the people who actually owned the place before the purveyors of the first-mentioned butcher’s apron turned up and claimed it all belonged to them. Maybe something like this:


5. You could get a bit creative. If you used the Eureka flag as the base, it handily provides four quarters for acknowledging up to four other flags (as well as being a subtle AFL reference). Let’s call it an expansion on the theme. You might have to play around with the layering a bit to get the Eureka stars to overlap the other flags, but here’s one I prepared earlier:


So there you have it – a flag for every occasion. Why just have one? Scotland has two, as we’re also very fond of our Lion Rampant:


So go for it, have fun with it, make it bold, make it bright, make it distinctive. Make it your own! Just like I have:


Oh, and by the way, pass it on to New Zealand. 😉

  1. Very good! 😆

    Will pass it on to NZ!

    Congrats on reaching 4,000!

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