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The Scots Independence Referendum 18 September 2014

March 5, 2014

A powerful, and personal view of what is at stake in Scotland’s referendum this year. Our future. Our choice. Don’t waste it.


The Scots Independence Referendum 18th September 2014


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The Reasons Why I Am Voting Yes

To borrow the words of the song, “I’m just an ordinary man, nothing special nothing grand”, it kind of sums me up in way that I suppose many Scots men see themselves. For all my life, (I’m 46 now) I have been very aware of a culture of negativity in Scotland and in particular the West Central part of the country and it is an endemic issue where we are told not to get ideas above our station, don’t forget your roots or remember where and what you came from. This is the most basic manifestation of this negativity culture and I wonder how it came to be. 

Here I am a Dad with two sons aged 12 and 13…

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