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Murphy Refuses To Rule Out Labour/Tory Coalition

April 7, 2015

Well, we know one thing now that we’ve had that debate – Jim Murphy has repeatedly refused to rule out the possibility of either propping up a minority Tory government, or even forming a Labour/Tory coalition. That is the ‘take home’ message tonight. We have seen his true colours, and they are blue!

Not that you’ll hear it from the mainstream media of course. Nor will they tell you that in what they’ll probably say was his best moment, where #CreepyJim ‘persuaded’ the young girl, not a single policy he announced is British Labour Party policy. If elected, they would not implement a single one. And as for them spending the Mansion Tax on us – pull the other one Jim!

Make no mistake, the only thing he demonstrated tonight was that he is prepared to say anything whatsoever, any lie, any contradiction, to buy your vote “I don’t believe in government subsidising low wages, so we will give £100 million to employers so they can pay people more!!!” I mean WHAT?!?!

Wouldn’t answer any reasonable question (where’s the cuts coming from Jim? how will you vote in a hung parliament Jim?), just pretended Labour are still somehow the party of the working class that they once were. They are not. And it’s due to people like Jim Murphy that they’re not. He is the reason we know they cannot be trusted.


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  2. Barbara Nairn permalink

    It is all very sad and predictable. The politics game has worked like this for ever. Only now, we are in the game and aware of the lack of rules. Game on.

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